Multi Purpose Furniture


Using different pieces of furniture in different ways is essential in military life. We move often and a piece of furniture used one way in one house, may not work the same way in a different house.

In our current apartment, I’m using our microwave stand as a printer stand in my “office” (which is also my dining room).

I’ve added little baskets in the drawer (from Dollarama) to keep the pens, pencils etc. organized in the drawer.


In the cupboard part, I purchased a cardboard literature holder from Staples to store all the types of printer paper and printer labels. Envelopes and packing tape are all on the top shelf for easy access.


If you would like to see different ways to use a microwave stand, head over to the Organizing Junkie’s website to see what she has posted.

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  1. Hey that’s great, thanks for sharing the picture! Please feel free to leave your link in my comments as well if you like.

    Great stuff!


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