Downsizing Groceries


With my husband deployed it took me a week or so to stop cooking huge meals. The kids were tired of eating the same meal twice in a row because there were so many leftovers.

Now, I have to STOP buying the “family packs” at the grocery store.

For a door-to-door or short distance move, you can unplug your fridge, put it on the truck and within an hour or so have it up and running in your new place.

When doing a long distance move, you have to unplug your fridge, clean it and let it warm to room temperature. It may be a week before you can get it up and running in your new place.

If you ship a cold fridge, (especially in the summer) moisture builds up inside the fridge and when you arrive at your new place you’ve got a lovely mould filled fridge (or freezer).

So it is just not practical to pack half bottles of condiments such as salad dressing and ketchup on a long distance move. Sometimes we can give half-bottles of condiments to friends, but most of the time we end up throwing it out. What a waste!

In preparation for the upcoming move, I will be purchasing smaller sizes of food items. I will try to use up everything in my pantry and fridge. Although the price per unit is more expensive than the “family packs” or “club packs” I don’t like seeing food go to waste.

Sorry big box stores, I won’t be seeing you for awhile!

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