Happy Day

I don’t have to go to Ottawa! I received several emails AND a phone call from our RLRS representative. She informed me that I can do everything by phone and email.

I don’t even have to email attachments, I can upload them to their secure server! This is WAY better than having to FAX stuff and certainly better than driving to Ottawa!!!

THIS is how to use technology to make life easier.

What advances in technology helped make your life easier?

2 thoughts on “Happy Day

  1. Of course, my business wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the Internet, but here are some specific benefits (personal and professional, in no particular order:

    Online banking – especially when they made it so I could access both personal and business accounts with one log-in and transfer funds between them as needed.

    Online shopping – so I don’t have to spend time and gas driving around to see what’s out there, or to find that what I want is not in stock.

    PayPal – so I can receive payments quickly and easily without having to go to the bank to deposit them, especially from US clients when I’d have to line up at the teller.

    1. I agree with you 100% on internet banking. I remember when we moved from BC to QC in the early 90s. We found out our bank cards wouldn’t work East of Winnipeg. We had to borrow $1000 cash from my parents in Ontario on our drive through to tide us over until we could get our money transferred from a Western Canada bank branch to an Eastern Canada one.
      No one had told us to open an account on our house hunting trip and start transferring money into it so we would have some when we arrived. Thank GOODNESS those days are over!

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