Technology Love it or Leave it?


I was visiting enviromom yesterday and she admitted she had never sent a text or a tweet, her cell phone seldom rings and she is not a fan of voicemail.

I will admit that I prefer face-to-face communication any day. But what if you can’t get that? What if your spouse is on the other side of the planet?

I remember my grandmother telling me stories about when my grandfather was in WWII. She would get one letter per month. ONE PER MONTH! And to top it off, the only way to know what was going on in the war was to sit and listen to the CBC News broadcast on “the wireless” (aka radio).

Today, my hubby is on the other side of the planet. We send 2-3 emails to each other EVERY DAY. We Skype 2-3 times per week. If he wants to know what I’m up to at any given time of day, he can look at my Twitter feed.

I wonder what my grandmother would have thought about today’s technology?

What about you? Do you feel that it is all too much? Do you think instantaneous communication is intruding on your life?

Sometimes I do, but I can turn it off. Grandma didn’t have that choice.

7 thoughts on “Technology Love it or Leave it?

  1. I LOVE my technology! Not only does it allow me to work at home in a career that would have been unheard of a generation ago, it lets me stay in touch with people so I’m not so isolated while I’m doing that. And as you say, I can turn it off anytime I want.

    1. @Janet – Yes technology and the internet have offered new opportunities for those willing to take them. Nowadays a handwritten letter is a lovely and welcome surprise!

  2. If anyone had told me twenty years ago, that I would use technology the way I do today, I would have said, “You are crazy!”; but, thanks to Canadian Army Wife, and her Army Husband, I am convinced I cannot live without it. Grandma and Grandpa would be on-line too, I am sure! I wish they were here to experience it.

    1. @ Mom – I’m sure Nanny would have been the network manager at work if computers had been around and Poppa would have had a houseful of partially built computers and be up to date on all the latest technologies. I’m wondering if great-grandpa Brown would have been on a computer? Didn’t he say there was no point in having a car because the horse & buggy worked just as well?

  3. Sandra, my mom passed away in 1996, right around the time I started using the Internet. She was an avid reader and I have no doubt she would have loved the Net too!

  4. I am learning to get away from the need to constantly ‘check in’ with technology. Last weekend I tried to go ‘laptop free’. I made it a full 24 hours, and then only used it for 5 minutes. Then I went almost another 24 hours before I caved and dove right in again.

    I got so much done!!!!!

    1. @ Urban Panther – It IS addictive!!! I think as long as there is some balance in your life you’re fine. Maybe try weaning yourself off by reducing your computer time a few minutes each day it might be easier than quitting cold turkey 😉

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