Canadian Forces Posting Rules

I just downloaded the rule book for moving with the Canadian Forces. You might think that the military just comes in and does everything for you. No way! There are 133 pages of rules to follow in order to move with the CF. (Voici la version française.)

And of course, different rules apply to different types of moves and different groups of people.
There are moves:

  • within Canada, either within a province or between provinces
  • from Canada to another country
  • from another country back to Canada
  • where the member is living with his DHG&E
  • where the member is on IR and not living with his DHG&E
  • for enrollment (when you join the CF)
  • on retirement from the CF
  • to and from isolated postings

The rules are slightly different if you are a dual service couple or if you are in the Reserves.

The rules also explain your responsibilities and benefits if you are:

  • selling and/or buying a house
  • moving into and/or out of a civilian rental unit
  • moving into and/or out of military housing (PMQ)
  • any combination of the above

So, I’ve been sifting through the information, determining which rules will apply to our scenario; moving out of a civilian rental unit and into military housing.

There are funding formulas that list what you can claim as expenses and what you can’t. The list of taxable and non-taxable benefits can be found in this rule book with their references to their respective CFAOs and/or QR&Os.

It is time consuming and frustrating having to deal with all these rules and regulations. HOWEVER, clear instructions outlining the responsibilities of all parties avoids misunderstandings and unfair treatment.

Have you ever resented dealing with overwhelming policies only to find later how useful they were?

2 thoughts on “Canadian Forces Posting Rules

  1. so here it is.. we are going into married quarters too.. you MUST do a door to door or you pay the difference. I asked, well what if the PMQ is not available in time.. answer, tough, you waited for that home, that is your problem (same answer if you buy and the possession date is after your sale date).. In valcartier the PMQ situation is never easy, always a waiting list. I asked if we get one offered early, can we just pay for it on our own hook and move at the end of school?? Official answer is NO!! You must move when it is available, even if that mean uprooting teenagers from school or a spouse from work. These new IRP rules are going to cause a TON of redresses and complaints to the Obbudsman!! It is crazy.. As my hubby mentioned, we are only gonig to create an IR army and people will refuse moves even more!!

    1. I feel for you Telah. I think it is ridiculous the hoops you have to jump through sometimes. One reason to take a Q is because you don’t have time for the HHT or you know you won’t have a long posting or because you just plain can’t afford a house in that area.
      I agree that IR is one of the only options for people and NOT a good option if you’d like to keep a healthy family life! Military members are deployed enough as it is without having them NOT live with their spouse and children when their on Canadian soil.

      Please write back and keep us informed of how you’re coming along with the posting process. If you feel up to doing a guest blog please let me know at

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