pmqA good friend of mine (who is one half of a dual service couple) contacted me through Facebook yesterday. They are moving back to CFB Val-Cartier where her husband will be a Unit Commander.

Back in 2005 when we lived at CFB Val-Cartier, there was one street designated for the Unit Commanders (we called it CO Row). CO Row had large houses with 1 1/2 bathrooms. They were designated for the Unit Commanders as they were expected to be entertaining guests. One of the perks of command was supposed to be a larger house.

No longer.

My friend informed me that there are no longer designated houses for Unit Commanders and the larger houses on CO Row will go to families with the most children regardless of the rank of the CF member.

I don’t know whether these rules have come down from the CF or from CFHA who manages and allocates the PMQs. Either way, it brings up some issues.

Should a private or corporal with a large family have to buy a civilian house when larger PMQs go to a Commanding Officer with only one child?

Should a Commanding Officer be put in a small PMQ just because he/she has only one child? In the civilian world you certainly would not find the CEO of a company in a small 2 bedroom house with only 1 bathroom.

So, what do you think? Should Commanding Officers have designated PMQs?

5 thoughts on “PMQs and CFHA

  1. I really don’t know anything about military life, but it seems that in an ideal world, both status and need should be taken into consideration.

    1. Yes, I think status and need should be taken into consideration. They could upgrade smaller homes for senior officers with small families; that would be a good start.

  2. Thank goodness your husband has arived home safely. I really enjoy your blog, my husband is considering joining as a military police officer… it is nice to have something to read that gives an insiders view of things. Enjoy your time together as a family.

  3. I think at some point command should be taking in consideration but at the same time if the CO is just himself in a 4 bedroom doesn’t really make sense.
    If they have a small family they should get something bigger than what a private would get. Like a single house. don’t put a CO in a row house. My opinion.
    Love your blog!

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I think there is some consideration taken into account for rank however, the “old” way of doing things such as designated RHUs for specific command positions is no longer done. Also, many senior ranks are now preferring to purchase their own homes so those “designated” RHUs were standing empty.

      From what I’ve seen CFHA is usually pretty good at getting each family matched up with the required house as long as there are enough houses available.

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