Organizing the Odds and Ends

I’m getting the stuff in my house in order in preparation for the move.

I’ve tried several ways to organize all those odds and ends in my tool box. There are all those little bits & pieces of stuff that I have to keep;

  • the spigot thing to drain the freezer when it defrosts
  • the sharpener for the chain saw
  • the needle to blow up the basket balls
  • extra fuses for the stove/oven
  • extra curtain hooks
  • curtain rod holder-upper thingys
  • etc, etc.

Once I tried a small cabinet with little drawers. I had to open each little drawer to find what I needed. Even with labels it was still difficult to find what I wanted. As soon as the movers picked up the small cabinet, turned it upside down several times and put it in the bottom of the moving box, everything in the drawers was messed up again.

NOT SO this time!
I found this lovely little box made by the Stanley Tool Company at my local hardware store.

It’s called a “Professional Organizer.”

It has a break resistant clear lid which allows me to easily see what I have AND the lid is designed to keep the storage cups locked in place. You can turn this baby upside down and shake it and everything stays in place!

The cups are removable and come in 3 different sizes so I can store lots of gadgets in the big cups or just a few in the smaller cups. Because the cups are removable I don’t need to take the whole container, I just remove the cup that I need to do the job.

I can store the professional organizers flat on the shelf and stack them up or I can store them vertically like books on a shelf depending on the space that I have.

It is going to be amazing arriving at the new house having all my odds and ends still in their own containers and knowing exactly where they are.

So for this move, I won’t have a screw loose!

(If you’ve got big odds & ends, check out the Deep version!)

4 thoughts on “Organizing the Odds and Ends

  1. I don’t know whether I’m more impressed that you found such an ideal storage container, or that you actually remember what all those little doo-dads are for! Those are the type of thing you find around the house and either toss them, because you don’t know what they are, or keep them just in case you need them some time (in which case finding them is another story altogether…)

    1. Great idea!! I would have to buy two because I’m sure Thomas would love to have one for his Lego!!

      1. Hey Kirsten! At $20 each for these organizers, I don’t think you’d want them for Lego especially if you have a prolific Lego collection like we do. It might be worthwhile to use them to store specific kinds of Lego blocks such as windows, doors or wheel blocks.

        I have seen these used for storing sewing and crafting supplies. It could also be used for first aid stuff.

    2. Janet, when you unpack something knowing that in a couple of years you’ll have to repack it again and knowing that your (well at least MY) memory isn’t that great you write on the gadget or put the gadget in a plastic baggy and write on the baggy what the gadget is for.
      I actually have an mostly empty prof. organizer just to store the stuff we take apart during the moves such as the special mirror hanger and the shelf holder upper thingys. If the movers pack those in a box, for sure they will get lost.

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