While I’ve been waiting to get the posting message to work its way through the military system, I’ve been doing a bit of organizing around the house.

Actually, this is what my storage room looks like all the time. We have a lot of stuff that we need to keep but seldom access. These things include:

  • keepsakes from great-grandparents
  • keepsakes from us (me, hubby and kids)
  • military books, manuals and reference materials that are not accessed on a regular basis
  • various sized curtains that fit in a previous house, but don’t fit this house but may fit in the next house
  • holiday decorations
  • selected toys for children age 3 and under (in case we have guests with young children)

I really like using these Rubbermaid bins. They are sturdy and easy to carry even when they are full of heavy books.

Do you have certain things always packed? If so, what?

P.S. The empty bins with white lids are for pre-packing the Barbies & their furniture and the Lego which are currently in use!

6 thoughts on “Pre-packing

  1. In my attic I had holiday decorations stored in Rubbermaid Roughneck totes. I also store old tax papers, photos and keepsakes in totes.

    A unique use I have for totes is to store my sleeping bags. Instead of keeping them in the stuff sack I keep them in a tote so the insulation stays fluffy.

    1. My hubby has 4-5 100L totes full of army stuff.
      One contains the sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner (both are down filled).
      One contains the winter clothing (parka, pants, liners, mukluks etc.)
      The others are filled with summer field equipment, winter field equipment and other stuff that I’m really not sure what it is used for because I don’t actually have to go in the field (and I thank my lucky stars every day for that!)

  2. Very nice! Are they colour-coded by family member or something else, or just whatever colour you were able to get at the time?

    1. They are labeled for each family member. The colours correspond to whatever was on sale at the time. But I’m not being cheap I’m being fiscally responsible 😉

      1. I understand! Long time ago, I bought some Tupperware Modular mates with a particular colour of lids. When I wanted to buy more at a later date, that colour was no longer available, so instead of introducing a new colour that didn’t match the old ones, I bought several with different colours, so I wouldn’t have to worry about another colour being discontinued. The various lid colours actually make it easier to remember what’s in each container!

        I’m not allowed to buy any more Tupperware. 😦

      2. I’m not allowed to buy Tupperware anymore either 😦

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