A house with no address


Today I decided to start the changing the addresses on the magazine subscriptions as it usually takes one or two issues before the change of address is processes.

I have all my magazines listed on a handy form to simplify changing addresses.

I already have the number of the house and the street name, what I needed to know was the postal code. I looked at Canada Post but the address didn’t exist.

I called CFHA in Trenton to confirm that I had the right street name. They told me that the number and street were correct but that the mail is not delivered to the house, it is delivered to the Base Post Office. I need to fill out the forms and sign up for a mailbox at the Base Post Office which I could do during the DIT.

NEWS FLASH – I was just ON my DIT and they didn’t tell me that!

CFHA told me to call the Base Post Office. They gave me a phone number and an extension. I called the number only to find out that I had reached Central Processing which only deals with internal Base mail.

Central Processing gave me another extension to call which finally ended up being the Base Post Office. The clerk there told me that I could sign up for a mailbox on my DIT. I explained to him that I had already done the DIT.

I asked him to email me the forms, I would sign them and email them back. The clerk said they had not evolved to email so he would assign me a postbox and I could just sign the forms when I move in.

Finally, I have a postal address. Now I can start the change of address process.

2 thoughts on “A house with no address

  1. Aren’t address changes fun? I remember back when I was living with my parents, they bought a condo in a new complex and filed an address change with all the necessary contacts. At first they weren’t actually delivering the mail; we had to go to the PO to pick it up, and one day when I went, they informed me that all our contacts had the wrong address. Turned out the powers that be had given us the address for the building next to us, so my parents had to do it all over again!

    1. When we lived in the PMQs in Toronto, the summer staff at Canada Post didn’t realize our houses existed and did a “return to sender” on ALL the mail of the entire neighbourhood!
      I spoke with neighbours and when we came to the conclusion that nobody had received any mail for a week we all called Canada Post. They told us that we didn’t exist. We finally got mail delivered the following week.

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