The Countdown's On

My hubby has returned to “deployment land” and I’ve got to start preparing for our move.

On the agenda this week:

  • Finish changing addresses on magazines (now that I have an address)
  • Submit address changes to charities we support
  • Contact house insurance: have them fax a record of liability insurance to CFHA in Trenton. You may not move into a PMQ unless you have proof of liability insurance.

Other work this week:
I’ve been frustrated with the amount of computer gear we have. Actually we need all of it I just have trouble finding what I need when I need it. Some of it is my hubby’s some is mine.

In the current apartment, my hubby and I have had separate offices (actually my office is in the dining room). In the new house we will have one room as an office that we will share.

I’ve commandeered this drawer unit from my husband’s office and I intend to use it to sort all our computer apparatus this week. I will be labeling all the cords and adapters too.
I’ll post when it’s done!

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