Busy Long Weekend

Over the long weekend I was busy!

  • I organized all the paperwork in my filing boxes. This is my guarantees/instructions box.


  • I organized the workshop — tools, screw nails & gadgets.
  • I copied all serial numbers from power tools into instruction manuals (with help from my kids).
  • I cleaned all power tools & put them in their correct place for moving.


  • The kids and I moved all the sporting equipment (except the cross country skis) into one area of the storage room so that they will end up in the basement storage area in the new house. The cross country skis will go in the garage.


  • I labeled all my plastic bins with the location of where they will go in the new house. Most will be in the basement storage area.
  • I washed all the guest towels and bedding and packed it away in large sealed bags to keep it dry and dust free during the move.
  • I submitted an address change to all our magazine subscriptions except one which is delivered on a weekly basis. I’ll change it in a few weeks.
  • I subscribed to our new internet/phone/cable TV provider and scheduled an appointment for hook up.
  • I made arrangements to cancel all utilities at our current address.
  • I submitted an address change to all the charities to which we donate.
  • We took all of our hazardous household waste to the recycling facility.
  • We got rid of 2 bags of normal recycling material (mostly shredded paper)
  • We got rid of 2 bags of garbage.

I hope work is relaxing this week. I need a vacation from my long weekend!

Did you do anything over your long weekend?

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