Perfection is achieving the objective

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I’ve had to realize that getting organized for the move is NOT to have things perfect but to have them DONE. In order to overcome my perfectionist tendencies, I have to clearly define perfection as achieving the objective.

For example, as promised, here is my computer gadget drawer somewhat organized.


I say somewhat organized because everything is in the correct drawer but not organized within the drawer. If I had to move tomorrow, all my computer gadgets would be where I expect them to be, in their assigned drawers. It will only take me a minute to find them in the drawers but it would have taken me hours to find them if I had to look all over the house.

It is not perfectly organized. Perfectly organized would take me HOURS to do now; hours that I don’t have. Being perfectly organized was NOT the objective. The objective was to get it all into the drawers.

The objective is achieved so it is perfect.

When I get to the new house, I will have the time (and a husband to help me) organize stuff within the drawers. For now, I just need to get stuff in the drawers.

Have you ever been hooked on getting things perfect but realizing that you just need to get it done?

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