What happened to last week?

I’m just not sure what happened to last week. It went by so quickly.

Here’s a run down of what happened.

25 May
Receive email from RLRS in Ottawa stating that the moving company (hereafter known as “the carrier”) had been given our contract and would be calling within 48 hours.

The repair guy came to fix my stove. A few months ago when I was cleaning the stove, I got some water into one of the connections. Not only did I blow out the fuse, I also blew the switch mechanism. It had to be replaced.

Appliances and all electronics are inspected by an electrician/specialist to ensure they are in working order before they are packed. They are also inspected by an electrician/specialist to ensure they are in working order after they are unpacked. So getting my stove working was important.

After the repair guy left however, the clock/timer on the stove stopped working.

26 May
I decided to shop for summer shoes. I just wanted a nice pair of cream-coloured heels for summer. Apparently all they sell are gladiator sandals now. It was a little frustrating. I’ll have to try a different mall.

While I was shopping, the inspector from the carrier called me. We set up a meeting which means I had to rush home from the mall. It was okay because they had no good shoes anyway.

The moving inspector is a person (in this case gentleman) from the moving company who comes to the house and estimates the amount of stuff you have. This information is provided to the packers so they show up with the correct amount of paper, boxes, wrappings etc. This estimate is also given to the military so that they will have an idea of how much the move will cost.

The gentleman estimated we have 13 000 pounds of stuff. Thirteen thousand!!! That number took me off guard a little. I am very “clutter-free” so I couldn’t figure how we had that much stuff.

After I thought a bit, I realized that:

  • The piano weighs 360 kgs (800 lbs)
  • The appliances (including the freezer) weigh about 450 kgs (1000 lbs)
  • Army stuff in five 100 litre Rubbermaid bins weigh about 50 kgs (100 lbs) each.
  • Winter tires for the car are 25 kgs (50 lbs) each.

It doesn’t take long to add up!

27-29 May
I was busy with work and volunteer work. Also the repair guy came back to see if he could fix the clock on the stove. He said the computer card was “fried” and the part alone would cost $150 to replace. He suggested I go to the dollar store and buy a timer.

30-31 May
We organized the garage. Since we share the garage with our landlord, we wanted to get everything of ours into one pile so it wouldn’t get mixed up with the landlords stuff.

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