Base Traffic

For nights of packing and loading in origin, I booked 2 nights at a hotel just down the street. Although I think that after the truck is loaded and gone, I’ll just drive to my parents. There’s just something about going “home” that will relieve the stress even if it is a 2 hour drive.

While the carrier can guarantee that the packing will be June 22 and the truck will be loaded June 23, they cannot guarantee that the F&E will arrive at the destination on June 25 even though that is the date I must report to Base Traffic at destination.

What is Base Traffic?
This is the group of people (unit) on the Base who is responsible for all the people and stuff moving in and out of the Base. The name is a little more logical in French “mouvement” (movement).

During a move, Base Traffic at the origin, will assign a carrier (moving company) to move the F&E. They will also send around an inspector (either a civilian or military member) during the packing and loading and unpacking and unloading to make sure the military member who is getting moved is receiving excellent service by the carrier.

When the carrier arrives at the destination with the member’s F&E, the carrier reports to Base Traffic. The member must also report to Base Traffic as soon as he/she arrives at the destination.

Now, there is a trick here:
The member must arrive at Base Traffic at destination within the required number of travel days after leaving the origin in order to be able to claim ILM&M. You can’t just decide to spend an extra few days between ‘here’ & ‘there’ and have the government pick up the bill.

For this particular move, I am granted 1 day’s travel time. I must report to Base Traffic at the destination on 25 June even if my F&E have not arrived. My hotels, meals and ILM&M will be covered if I am at the destination but my F&E has not arrived.

This is great because I’ve already booked the cable/internet installation for June 26th!

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