Let there be light

I use compact fluorescent light bulbs where ever I can. They are expensive and I’m NOT leaving them in the light fixtures in this apartment when we leave. I want to use them in my new home.

Over the weekend the kids and I removed all the compact fluorescent bulbs in this apartment and replaced them with cheap incandescent bulbs.

I did have some original packaging material for the CF bulbs but I was wondering how I was going to pack and ship the rest of them safely UNTIL I went grocery shopping and saw “poires asiatiques” on sale!

 wrapped asian pear

I re-used the wrappers on the Asian pears for my light bulbs! The store was even happy that I took all the extra wrappings that were lying around on the shelves!

Look how I’ve packed everything for the trip!

compact fluorescent light bulb

Wrapped-up light bulbs

I just love reusing stuff where I can! How about you?

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