Weekend of Crazy


  • Last day of school in Montreal for kids.
  • Daughter came home with gang of friends all crying.
  • Son came home very grumpy & mad at the world (apparently boys don’t cry).
  • Finally got kids to sleep around 10 pm


  • Up very early for kids to catch train to grandparents. Their first SOLO trip.
  • On way to train station, the button on the back pocket of my jeans gets caught in the escalator. Button rips off jeans & leaves hole in back pocket. It could have been worse – I could have lost my pants!
  • Install kids on train. Conductor seems unable to manage the confusion of multiple passengers.
  • Visit friend in hospital who was having elective surgery.
  • On my way home from hospital, son calls from train saying train has broken down 30 minutes before arrival at destination.
  • Son had to use cell phone of fellow passenger (THANK YOU SO MUCH Mrs. Haley) because conductor who is supposed to be looking after the kids is no where to be found.
  • Immediately call Grandparents who are surprised because station staff at destination are continuing to say train will be arriving on time.
  • Train arrives safely at destination 3 hours late.
  • Kids are happy with Grandparents
  • My day spent completely preparing for move.
  • All pictures off walls.
  • All like items grouped together.
  • Furniture placed away from doors so doors open completely.
  • Nothing is hidden behind doors.
  • Carpets rolled up.
  • All sheets, blankets, towels & clothes cleaned.



  • Dusted all knick-knacks.
  • Continued with organizing for packers.
  • Rolled up living room carpet & found backing growing mould. Obviously did not dry completely after being cleaned.
  • Threw out carpet as black mould permanently stained carpet AND it really smells. We’d had the carpet for almost 10 years anyway.
  • Note in files never to buy carpet with JUTE backing.
  • Wash all dishes.
  • Unplug fridge and clean all fridge and freezer. Turn on fan so it dries fridge faster.
  • Dry all dishes and scrub dish draining board.
  • Transfer all paper files related to the move into briefcase.
  • Pack clothes & jewelry
  • Empty all stuff from bathroom to go on truck
  • Move stuff I DO NOT WANT PACKED to the bathroom.
  • Sleep

So how was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend of Crazy

  1. How often do you move? This isn’t such an issue for me, as my family growing up moved frequently… but just wondering. Also how do you find living “on base”, versus ” off base” ( if you’ve done both). My husband is meeting with CF on Wednesday this week to inquire about opportunities for military police. We have two boys aged 8 and 4. What is it like for the children?

    1. I’m so glad you asked Rebecca. I’m just about to write a post about my kids. Starting at a new school is always difficult! Good luck with your hubby’s meeting with the MPs

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