Travel Day

The military only allows ONE travel day between my origin and desitnation. I must report to Base Traffic at CFB Trenton by 08h00 tomorrow.

It was REALLY hard to get up this morning after such a long loading day yesterday. I thought about the guys who spent all day actually lifting and loading the truck and sent a silent prayer to them. They must be EXHAUSTED!

Besides being a travel day, it is also St. Jean Baptiste day here in Québec. There are parades and all sorts of festivities going on which is why I want to get OUT of here as quickly as possible.

I went down to breakfast wearing my “combat” pants. They are certainly not something that I would wear to a restaurant on a normal day but combat pants have their advantages for traveling.

  • They are comfortable – often referred to as “soldier pyjamas”.
  • They are durable – even soldiers have a hard time wearing them out.
  • They have lots of pockets for carrying an extra set of car keys, cell phone wallet AND sneaking stuff off the breakfast buffet!

After checking out of the hotel, I headed for the highway. I only had about a third of a tank of gas left but gas in Montreal was $1.079 per litre. I decided to stop over the border in Ontario where it was $0.947 per litre. (yet another good reason for leaving Quebec).

I felt ill filling up the car. Most probably it was due to the smell of the gas mixed with the odour of frying oil from the fast food restaurant on top of the fatigue from yesterday.

Anyway, I had my iPod touch plugged into the radio and cruised all the way to my parents house. I was glad to see my parents AND my kids. We had a lovely dinner (THANKS MOM & DAD) then went to sleep at 20h.

We have another big day tomorrow – the Unload

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