Unpacking day plus the weekend

Friday 26th

My father returned this morning to help me put the door back on the fridge. It was no easy task. We’ve taken the door on and off so many times the screw holes on the fridge are becoming stripped. The door won’t hang straight and the leveling screws are seized. I think it is time for a new fridge.

The unpacking went very well. Two ladies arrived from the moving company to do a “shelf unpack”. This means they take everything out of the boxes and place it on shelves. I asked them to flatten all the paper because sometimes little things remain in the wadded up paper and get lost.

The entire house was unpacked by about 14h00. We only found one mirror that was cracked. That was noted on the paperwork so I add that to the claim along with the broken piano wheel.

The moving company also took all the boxes and paper away so at least that is all out of my house. I’ve been organizing things since then.

The kitchen was the most difficult to do. I can usually do the entire kitchen in about 2-3 hours however, before we moved in the interior of the cupboards were refinished. They were nice and clean but they varnished all the adjustable shelves IN PLACE!!! I had to chip away at all the varnish in order to move the shelves. In total, it took 6 hours to do the kitchen. But at least it is done.


Saturday 27th

The kids arrived with my mother who spent the weekend with me hanging blinds and curtains in the bedrooms. We bought roller shades then hung decorative curtains to block the light at the sides. Total cost was about $25 per window because I re-used curtains that I had from a previous house by cutting them down to size.


Sunday 28th

The kids are enjoying being able to come and go when they please. It is certainly different from our old Montreal neighbourhood where we had more traffic in the back alley than we do on our street here. They’ve played in the park and ridden their bikes all over. We are enjoying a much quieter life with more things to do. Even watching the chipmunks is fun.

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