Trading Cars

While we were on our DIT, we made arrangements to trade cars.

The salesman had called me several times over the past week to get more details about our deal. I told him that I would show up at the dealership on 29 June sometime around 10h00.

I called before I left home and asked him if all the paperwork was ready. He assured me it was so the kids and I headed off.

When I arrived, I handed him both sets of keys to our current vehicle along with the paperwork.

He looked at me and asked, “Oh, are we doing a trade? I don’t have any of the paperwork done for a trade.”

I couldn’t believe it. After almost 2 months and several phone calls, he still didn’t know that we were doing a trade. Actually it wasn’t really a trade, we had made arrangements that he would buy our old vehicle outright and we would take the leased vehicle.

So, after spending an hour explaining again what we wanted to do, he told me to come back after lunch. He also told me that I needed the original ownership papers for the vehicle.

The kids and I went to a couple of the stores that were in the area of the dealership (most notably Dollarama) to pick up odds & ends to get the house organized, then we returned home for lunch.

I found my archived file box at home in the bathroom in the basement where it was place by the unloaders (note to self: put that box in the office) and found the original bill of sale to our vehicle.

After lunch I called the salesman again and he assured me that all the paperwork was done.

On returning to the dealership, I gave the salesman the original bill of sale and he said that wasn’t what he wanted. He needed the OWNERSHIP papers. “You know the green slip that people usually keep in the glove box?”

I asked, “Do you mean the vehicle REGISTRATION?”

Of course that is what he had meant all along which was, of course, in the glove box with a copy of the insurance where it is supposed to be.

He then took the license plate off my vehicle and told me that I would get a reimbursement of about $10 when I turned it in to the local department of motor vehicles. I mentioned that it would cost me more than $10 to mail it so it wasn’t worth it. He said I didn’t have to mail it I could just walk into any office. I told him, that because it is a QUEBEC plate, it must be returned to a QUEBEC office, not an Ontario office. He seemed surprised by that.

At any rate, he took my old vehicle and gave me a nice fat cheque to deposit and now I’m driving a leased RAV4 which is smaller, easier to park and much more fuel efficient.

20090705 163212

Now, all I have to do is program the radio!

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