Canadian Forces Open House

This past weekend the Base opened its doors and invited the public. There were a number of events going on including a celebration of 100 years of powered flight in Canada.

There were aerial displays by loud airplanes (CF-18s) and not so loud airplanes (Snowbirds), and really quiet parachuters (SkyHawks).

There were also static displays of aircraft. This one is a CC-177 Globemaster.


The souvenir t-shirts say, “Size does matter”. Apparently this thing can carry a payload of almost 73 000 kg. That is about 45 RAV4s.

Of course, this being our first time on an Air Force Base, this LAV III was parked just outside our house. I guess they just wanted us to feel at home.


The kids had lots of fun participating in the children’s activities while I tried on all the parachute gear.

canarmywifejumpsThis is an absolute JOKE as I get nervous climbing up and down a step-ladder changing light bulbs.

Would YOU ever jump out of a plane voluntarily? If you are a jumper, why do you do it and what was your first time like?

2 thoughts on “Canadian Forces Open House

  1. I never have, and can’t see myself seeking out an opportunity, but when I see it in movies, it does look pretty exciting! Parasailing also looks pretty fun – as close to flying as we humans can get!

    1. If there was any chance that the plane would land somewhat safely, I would not ever parachute. Otherwise, I’d choose to jump.

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