This is the most difficult post I’ve had to write to date. Yesterday I attended a “repatriation ceremony” when the body of a fallen soldier is returned home.

Most of the ceremony I could see from my bedroom window but I went out to the highway for a closer look.


The highway was lined with cars and people with red shirts. There were Canadian flags everywhere as well as the “Support the Troops” yellow ribbons.

Yes, I cried. I cried for the soldier who returned home after he gave his life so others could have the possibility of the freedom we so enjoy here.

I also cried as I have NEVER seen such an outpouring of “Canadianism” while living in Québec. I have never seen the people there where “Support the Troops” hats, t-shirts or pins. I occasionally saw stickers on cars but it was very rare and usually only those cars owned by a family member or friend of a member of the Canadian Forces.

Now I’m not going to get political here but I will say that I’m proud to be Canadian and proud to support the troops who go wherever and whenever.

So, please click on the yellow ribbon link on the side bar and support the troops.

(and we lost 2 more again today so I’ll be attending more ceremonies next week)

2 thoughts on “Repatriation

  1. Recently I had to drive from Whitby to Toronto on a dark, rainy, cold afternoon – as I passed under each bridge/overpass, I was aware of hundreds of people and many Canadian flags. I learned that I was about 15 minutes ahead of a motorcade taking yet another one of our fallen heroes along the ‘Highway of Heroes’.

    What struck me was that all of the hundreds of people who continue to line the bridges to honour our heroes are heroes too – unsung heroes – with an astonishing outpouring of “Canadianism”. Once again, it reminds me how proud I am to be Canadian.

    1. Thanks Sandy for your comment. I wish all Canadians (esp. the Québec ones) could see what you saw.

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