Tim Hortons Supports the Troops

Yesterday a business colleague sent me a chain email asking me to sign a petition to send Tim Hortons coffee to Canadian Forces troops stationed in Afghanistan.

It is a wonderful idea!

Here is Tim Hortons official response to the chain email:

We’re continually amazed at the generosity and goodwill of Tim Hortons customers. Recently, we’ve seen the re-emergence of a chain e-mail under the subject line “Tim Hortons petition… what a great idea,” which recommends buying coffee for Canadian Armed Forces personnel stationed at the military base in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

For those unaware, Tim Hortons helped established a restaurant in Kandahar in 2006 at the request of the Canadian military. We have supported soldiers for many years, with coffee donations to forces in Kuwait, an annual coffee donation through Operation Santa Claus, and on July 1, with free coffee and donuts at the Kandahar base store. This past spring, Tim Hortons provided 60,000 special-edition Roll Up the Rim cups just for the Kandahar store and gave away computers and cash.

If you want to also support military overseas, here’s how:

The Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS) is a department within the Canadian military that accepts donations for various military family trust funds. The CFPFSS also accepts Tim Cards and will distribute them to the soldiers in Afghanistan. Donations or Tim Cards can be sent to:

Military Families Fund
Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS)
4210 Labelle Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0K2

Or by phone by calling 1-877-445-6444;
Or online http://www.cfpsa.com/en/corporate/mfamily/donate_e.asp

In addition, you can donate to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Troop Morale Fund, which helps buy every military person in Kandahar a Tim Hortons coffee and a donut at least every two weeks. For more information, go to: http://www.legion.caFeaturesTMF_e.cfm

Finally, you should know that the CFPFSS is actually the franchisee of the Tim Hortons trailer in Kandahar. So not only do donations help soldiers enjoy a taste of home, all proceeds from the Kandahar store go to the CFPFSS and are funneled back into military family support programs. Tim Hortons has also waived all fees and operating costs typical of a franchise, which directs more money to family support programs.

Many thanks for your continued support of Tim Hortons. And please feel free to copy and paste this to anyone you think might be interested to know.

Please support the troops by contacting one of the organizations listed above. Click HERE to watch the Canadian Forces video press release (2006) about Tim Hortons in Kandahar.


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