Hurray he's home!


My husband arrived yesterday – the end of a six month deployment.

I’ll be taking a bit of time off from this blog to spend it doing family activities but this week he has some work to do.

At the end of every deployment, the military member must visit the doctor, dentist, social worker etc to make sure they are still healthy and have no underlying mental conditions due to the deployment. At this time they are also given a list of resources – places to go to get help if the need or want help.

Due to this move, my husband will have to take a day and do his in-clearance to Base. This involves going to various units (Base housing, security, clothing stores) and having the PLCC card authorized.

I’m not sure what PLCC actually stands for but I kinda know what it is. It is sort of like a library card that each unit “stamps” once my hubby had cleared in, then “stamps” again on out-clearance. You can’t ever lose your PLCC card because it causes an administrative nightmare and you have to run around Base getting everything done again. My husband has a special spot in his office at work that he keeps his PLCC card so that it won’t get lost.

Also this week we’ve got to get our Ontario Driver’s Licenses and Ontario Health Cards and of course, spend some time together as a family.

I’ll be bringing you updates about what it is like to LIVE with an Army Guy and what life is like on an Air Force Base.

Chat soon!

4 thoughts on “Hurray he's home!

  1. Wow, I’ve been reading about your move and everything with such interest that I didn’t even realize your husband wasn’t with you during that time. Now I admire you even more! Hope you have a wonderful week getting reacquainted.

  2. That’s wonderful that he’s home–even if he is armed and dangerous with a water gun ;-). That PLCC card sounds really, really complicated with all its stamps! Hope they all go through without a hitch.

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