Deployment Benefits

One of the benefits of a deployment is the extra money (Okay the ONLY benefit of a deployment is the extra money) and they give out a medal too.

Each deployed CF member receives benefits such as a deployment bonus, separation expenses (if the CF member is married or equivalent to married or has children) and in certain cases, danger pay.

So, my hubby saved up all his money during his six-month deployment and bought himself something special.

A home theatre system!


The great thing about that is we can all benefit…if only I could figure out which one of the 5 remote controls turns it on!

5 thoughts on “Deployment Benefits

  1. It’s great you have your man back by your physical side, (y’know, rather than your metaphorical side…is that the right word?) My guy’s in BMQ right now, and I miss him quite a bit.

  2. Hey thankyou so much for having this blog. My husband just joined the Army and I was very nervouse. Having alittle insite through your blog has made it a bit better. It is going to be hard on me and the kids but we can do it. Thanks again Dawn

  3. @ Sasha – I know what it is like to miss your guy. He needs to know you love him and you miss him but he also needs to know you’re strong. Keep busy, learn something new. You’ll have lots to share with him when he returns.

    @Dawn – You will find support through other military wives. Remember that your relationship is unique so don’t take all of their comments to heart. Ask your hubby to introduce you to other spouses in his unit. It will help you understand the lingo.

    All the best to both of you! Keep checking back as I’ll be writing more & more!

  4. Hey ladies.. being on both sides (both wife and member) and with a multitude of kids, I can tell you it is MUCH easier to leave than to stay back at home… (and my hubby will agree, as he has been at home for 4 of my deployments)… So, you should be proud of your accomplishments to be home alone! It is not easy.. And as our blogger, doing a move by yourself is NEVER easy either. My hubby did it while I was away.. WIth a 2 yr old crying every night for Mommy, as he thought Mommy does not know were we are, we left her behind!! The least we can get in return is a little $$$ to buy a new toy, take a family trip or something that will bring a smile to your kids at the end of the turmoil.. Well done on those of you home alone… You are NOT alone, many other spouses are going through it… ANd this blogger has some excellent hints to make the time pass quickly!

    1. Thanks Telah! The support of other military wives helps a great deal both in person and in cyberspace. Thanks for sharing your experiences here.

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