Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre

The whole reason for us moving was so that my hubby could take over command of a particular unit here at CFB Trenton; the Canadian Forces Land Advance Warfare Centre (CFLAWC pronounced see-flaw-see).

CFLAWC is a part of the Combat Training Centre (CTC) which is all part of the Land Force Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS).

LFDTS is the huge organization within the Army that is responsible for the education of soldiers at all levels. The LFDTS is like a huge university and CFLAWC is one of the faculties or departments in the “university” of the Combat Training Centre. Some of the other “faculties” include the Armoured School, the Artillery School and the Infantry School which are all located at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick (We lived there from 1995-2000). Here is a lovely snapshot of the organizational structure of LFDTS that I downloaded from the LFDTS website.


He spent several days with the outgoing commander in meetings and learning in depth job details and meeting the staff. This hand-over is essential to the smooth operation of the unit.

As the wife and civilian, you may not think that I care too much about what goes on at hubby’s job. Au contraire, I care very much. You see in order to support my hubby, I learn as much about the unit and how it functions so that I can support and understand him. Also, it keeps me from sticking my foot in my mouth at social gatherings.

Do you take the time learn about your parnter’s job?

How does your partner feel about you learning?

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  1. I am always impressed when I see spouses actually learning about their hubby/wife`s jobs in the CF. It is frustrating when trying to help a spouse and you ask them what rank, or what unit and they have no idea! Well done my dear for studying about the Land Warfare centre, and that its HQ is LFDTS! SO many couples end up splitting because the spouse does not understand at all.. Why do you have to do this course?? Why do you have to go there for an exercice, etc… ALL CF members need supporting spouses like you! As you know, it is a tough life for families, and the members, but when the spouse understands, it makes it a whole lot easier šŸ˜‰

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