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One of the worst things about moving to a new location is trying to find a decent hairdresser. I’ve been to two different stylists since we’ve moved here and I was brutalized by both of them. For some reason the stylists here seem to think the only way to cut thick, wiry hair is to hack at it with a razor blade.

I’m so depressed about my hair that I haven’t been out in public without a baseball cap in 2 weeks! Now that the weather is turning colder it is time to break out the headscarf. I don’t want to have the Medusa effect!

Next week I’m off to Montreal on a quick business trip and I’ve arranged to get my haircut with my stylist (Maude) there. It is pretty sad when you feel you have to drive 4 hours just to get a good cut.

What tips and tricks do you have for finding a good stylist?
What questions do you ask a potential stylist?

Help me…please!

4 thoughts on “Bad Hair

  1. Hi missy – i have always thought your hair looks great!
    what i do to find a hairstylist is look around at people when i go out and ask them where they get their hair done if i like their hair. not a fancy tip but just the way i do it…
    i know how it feels not to find the right one for you though. i just tried a new hairdresser that i did not use this method with in the spring and had the worst luck! yuck!

    bonne chace ma belle

    1. Thanks for the tip but I’ve already tried doing that. I met someone (another mother at kids’ school) and asked her who did her hair. I went to that hairdresser (who had tattoos everywhere) and she hacked my hair to bits!

      Now I’m looking for someone else…

  2. unfortunately what works for one might not work for another, i have moved cities in Quebec 4 times in the past 8 years, and grown attached to the stylist of that particular city or town, it’s scary to put your hair in the hands of a stranger, but i guess my trick is to not stay silent and be proactive while having my hair cut, i ask that she explains her technique, why is she doing it in such a way, could you trim a litle more here it looks funny, untill i get what i want. so far i’ve had very good luck with the hairdressers, and i think they like it too, having been on the other side of the counter far to many times, it’s fun when your client is specific about the wants and needs and it’s also very fun to be involved in the creation of your own doo, like a team effort instead of just ‘trim an inch k byby’.
    well, thats me anyways, and 6 hairdressers later it’s never let me down.

    1. I agree with you Cynthia. You must tell the hairdresser what you want. If the hairdresser doesn’t listen, go somewhere else. Good stylists aim to please the customer.

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