Three Green Things

I was visiting another website and saw a blog game that I wanted to participate in. You have to list three things you are doing to reduce your environmental impact. Here are our green things:

Meatless Meals

We eat red meat maybe once or twice a week. We eat chicken or seafood once or twice and the rest of the meals are vegetarian. I’ve got several meatless meals the kids love. I just wish that peanut allergies weren’t so prevalent then we could eat peanut and nut based foods more often.

Water Conservation

We replaced all of the shower heads in our RHU with low flow shower heads and added faucet aerators. Although we are charged a flat rate fee for water usage, we still pay for heating the water.

Cleaning Products

I use environmentally friendly cleaning products. I use baking soda as a scouring powder and I use microfibre cloths for cleaning instead of paper towels or disposable wipes. I will admit that I do use diluted bleach for some cleaning jobs but it takes me over 2 years to use a one litre bottle of bleach. I find that good ole soapy water cleans most things just fine. I even use vinegar instead of fabric softener or those non-recyclable dryer sheets.

If you’ve got some environmentally friendly ways of living, please share them here and we can all have a GREEN Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Three Green Things

    1. Thanks for the info Faucet Aerator Guy! It’s great stuff we should all learn.

  1. These are also good ways to save money as well, especially the “meat free” meals. in regards to the cleaning products I found my steam mop to be extremely useful, no cleaners, no wasteful bucket of water, just steam.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sasha. I’ve seen those steam mops on TV and wondered if they were any good. I just HATE cleaning ceramic floors so maybe I’ll get a steam mop.
      Thanks for the recommendation!

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