WKRP plays no music

My sister loaned me The Complete First Season of WKRP in Cincinnati on DVD. WKRP is one of my all-time favourite TV shows. One of the things I loved most about the show was the music. I loved the “modern” rock music that they played on the show at the time (1978-1982).

I was shocked and extremely disappointed that the DVD version of WKRP does NOT contain any of the original classic rock hits that were in the TV show. Wikipedia explains that the music was subject to licensing agreements and royalty payments which were too expensive for the DVD production company.

Now I’m not Seth Godin, marketing guru but it seems to me that if I were a really popular classic rock musical group, (say Pink Floyd), I would want my music to be heard anywhere and everywhere.

Actually I would insist that my music be kept IN the show and that extra credits be rolled at the end of each episode detailing the name of my song, my group and where to buy the song.

People buy music based on the exciting times in their lives. When they play that music it brings back all sorts of emotions. And here is a generation of people (like me) who would purchase the DVDs of WKRP and watch them with my children thereby introducing them to a whole new genre of music…classic rock! And then BUY the music that I heard in the show from iTunes.

All you record companies, you missed the boat on this one. Thanks to you my memories of an all time classic TV show have been trashed, I can’t remember what music it is that I really loved from the show and you’ve lost a new generation of listeners.

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