Queen's Own Rifles

QOR brochure

Since my hubby is with CFLAWC which trains parachutists and the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada is the only militia unit in Canada to maintain a parachute tasking, we were invited to attend the QOR Toronto Garrison Officers’ Ball.

The QOR are celebrating their 150th Anniversary this year and the Officers’ Ball was one of their big events. I think there were over 600 people (officers, spouses and special guests) in attendance.

Because the army is such a tight-knit group we always end up seeing people we know at these events. At our table for dinner, we sat with a couple we hadn’t seen since 2000 and another couple we hadn’t seen since 2006. My husband has seen the other gentlemen in the course of his job but I hadn’t seen their wives so it was great catching up.

Also in attendance at this gala event were the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller (I didn’t meet him), The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister for Public Works and Government Services Canada (I did meet her) as well as various high ranking military members (most of whom I met).

All in all we had a lovely weekend and I had a chance to get dressed up.

Army Wife in Formal Wear

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