Conicidence in Toronto

This past week was Spring Break. Because we didn’t make plans to go away for the week, we scheduled a few family activities including a visit to Toronto to see King Tut’s treasures at the AGO.

We decided to park at Yorkdale Mall, have lunch before heading downtown on the subway. We are quite familiar with Yorkdale Mall because we used to shop there often during the year we lived in Toronto. We’re also Mac computer users and there is an Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall and we wanted to go in and see what was new.

Here’s where things get weird:

I just bought the kids some lunch at A&W then decided to stand in line at Cultures for some veggie salads and fruit salads to build a nice square meal. I walked over to the line up and lo and behold friends of ours were standing in line. Not friends from Toronto like you would expect, a military family that we first met at CFB Gagetown in 1996!

We’ve seen them on and off since then, we were at CFB ValCartier, they were in Kingston then they moved to Ottawa. They moved to CFB Montreal then we moved to Montreal then they moved to Ottawa then we moved to CFB Trenton – and here we were in Toronto at the same time!

It was freaky and WAY cool!

Has that every happened to you?

P.S. King Tut’s stuff was cool too.

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