What’s Next for You?

I don’t usually enter contests but when the prize is something I’m interested in, I’ll go for it!

What contest? The one over at the Silver & Grace blog.

The prize? A book entitled “What’s Next for You? The Gussin Guide to Big Changes, Big Decisions and Big Fun”

I first read the book review and thought that this was a book I would like to read – especially the Big Fun part. I copied down the info and thought about checking it out from the local library. Then there was a post about a contest to WIN the book! Well, I had to enter that! But I figured I’d still end up at the library.

It turns out I WON!!!

Head on over to Silver & Grace and you’ll learn about this, and other books and products and all aspects of aging gracefully!

P.S. Thank you very much Eliza the book arrived safely yesterday!

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