Biking for Groceries

One of the advantages of living in an RHU is that we are very close to my hubby’s place of work. He only has to go 1km from door to door. This means we only need one car as it is faster for him to bike or walk to work.

However, on the weekends, sometimes we need 2 cars. Today, my hubby went on a bike ride with the gang from Bloomfield Bicycle Company and he took the car to get there.

Lo and behold, we also required groceries the very same day so…I got on my bike and went to get them with my trailer in tow.

This lovely trailer allows me to get exercise and groceries at the same time. It has a divider in the centre that keeps the milk and watermelon from crushing the bread and produce.

The trailer is much better than carrying a backpack or saddle bags and cost less than one month’s payment on a car.

How do you get groceries?

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