The Posting Message 2011

It seems like not to long ago I was writing about a posting message.

That was 2 years ago and back then I knew we would get a posting message in 2011. We got it this week.

Yes, we’re moving – we think – we’re not sure and here’s why.

My husband is posted to the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Ontario to become a Directing Staff (DS) which for all us civvie folks that means instructor/teacher/lecturer.

Here are the questions we’re asking ourselves:

  • Do we want, as a family to move from a town of 35,000 to a city of over 2 million?
  • Do we want to uproot kid #1 who has only 2 more years of secondary school left?
  • Do we want to uproot kid #2 who has only 2 more years of primary school left?
  • Do we want to give up our extra-curricular activity of horseback riding, something we could not afford to do in a big city?
  • Will I be able to re-establish my business in a big city?
  • Are we able to afford the substantial rent increase (more than double) in a big city?
  • Are we able to afford the substantial increase in car insurance (more than triple) in a big city?
  • What will happen if we don’t move as a family and have Daddy only home on the weekends?

I  hope to provide you with the answers to these questions, a dilemma that plagues military families all of the time.

If you’ve experienced this situation, please share your story in the comments. I’d love to hear your reasons for doing what you’ve done and how it all worked out for you.

8 thoughts on “The Posting Message 2011

  1. Never had to do it but have seen many a family have to for this posting. It’s very hard on the family. I would have the same questions. How far is the travel to Toronto? I had to commute from Newmarket to Toronto on the bus which took two hours each way but was grateful for my own bed each night. Sending you more strength my friend.

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for your comment. The driving time depends on traffic and Toronto traffic is terrible. The time on the train is about 2 hours if you get the milk-run, shorter if you get the express.

      I think it might be do-able but we’ve got a lot more talking to do!

  2. We decided years ago that a posting was a posting, and we’d all always go. We have no control over deployments and courses, but we can be both positive and active with a posting. I understand your reasons for not wanting to go (and I hesitate to point out that almost every family prabably has the same reasons), but in your case it might actually work, since the two areas are so close to each other.

    1. Thanks for the comment Zoe – and for the phone call!

      We’ve been talking about the risks involved and both ways have pros and cons. We’ve still got some discussions to do and sit down and crunch the numbers. Finances will help make our decision too.

  3. Well…as always, such difficult decisions. One other thing to consider is what the alternative would be (which I’m sure you’ve already considered). Would it mean another year where you are and then facing the same decision next year, but without the possibility of the IR being so close? It could be quite a nice adventure to be able to have some city time as a family with you and the kids heading there on occasion and taking advantage of what Toronto has to offer. I totally understand all those reasons for not wanting to uproot and the possibility of an IR working and being only two hours apart might be alright. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers as I know how this must be weighing heavily on you. The decision you make as a family will be the one that is best for your family because it will be made with love in your hearts and thought in your heads:)

    1. Thanks for the comment Kirsten. The kids have talked about spending a couple of weekends in Toronto. We really enjoyed the Science Centre when we lived there. It was great fun!

      Thanks for the good wishes & positive vibes. I’ll be posting more soon!

  4. I really understand the tough decision you have to make. Last year, we were living in Ottawa and hubby got posted to Halifax. At the time, I had just received a promotion at work, one son had 2 years left of secondary school and the other one was about to start secondary school. Also to complicate matters we were told it was only for a year. We weighed the pros and cons and we decided that he would go on IR. Although we miss him lots, we made the right decision for us. He has had so many meetings in Ottawa that he has been home every 4-6 weeks.
    No one can tell you what to do, only you know what is best for your family

  5. Not an easy posting to receive. There are beautigul subdivisions in Vaughan and not as expensive as right in Toronto. My son is currently in Petawawa and i work with many Military families and have seen the difficulty and excitement a new posting brings. You however seem to be doing everything right, you are researching your options. Good Luck with your decision. If you need Real Estate advice feel free to contact me. Cheers

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