10 Days to Go

We move in 10 days. Join me as we count down everything that needs to be done and how, living organized can help you cope with any crisis.

* update Facebook status in a panic
* fire off Twitter messages in a panic
* send panicky emails to various family members
* freak out on the phone to your parents, husband, friends
* recount a bazillion reasons why this will be impossible to do
* eat 2 boxes of chocolate

And how does any of this help organize a move you ask?

Getting the panic over with early in the game allows you to focus on everything that needs to get done.
My biggest tip:

Get a good sleep because the real work starts tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “10 Days to Go

  1. That made me LOL Jackie! I could so see you doing all those things, and then sitting down and franticaly eating one box of chocolate, and then mindlessly eating the second! That’s what I would do anyway!

    1. I didn’t mindlessly eat the second box. I mindFULLY ate the second box!

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