Immediate Move

The Base is putting in a 400 space parking lot right next to our current house so they have offered us another house on the other side of “town”.

We move in 10 days.

Disadvantages: For the next 2 weeks my life will be disrupted.

Advantages: We will be within 200m of:

  • the Base pools (indoor and outdoor)
  • skating rink
  • the Canex (store, Tim Horton’s)
  • the children’s school

The rent is almost $400 per month LESS and our energy bills will also decrease.


I’ll take the 2 weeks worth of disruption. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Immediate Move

  1. Think of it this way. $400/month is $4800, and this process is going to take you 10 days total. Each time you get frustrated, remember they’re paying you $480 to be frustrated. And you’re already two days down. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    Out of curiosity, what would happen if you weren’t out in 10 days? What are they going to do with the house that’s getting the parking lot next to it? It seems like unless they’re going to move in a family of more easily “annoyable” (i.e., super-young peeps), won’t the house just be empty? Or doesn’t they let buildings stand empty at all?

    1. Julie, they are sending the truck and a full moving team in 10 days. We will be out. To these guys, if it isn’t moving, it is wrapped and packed in a box. They’ll pack garbage, full ashtrays, full diaper pails, cat boxes (full)…..

      It is crazy trying to keep up! For our house they’ll probably send about 4 people to pack. I run around like a fool trying to keep on top of everything which is why I spend so much time preparing for them to come!

      The house we’re in now will be converted to a dorm type house for guys who move here without their families (see previous post on Posting Message 2011) They will have to do some renovations on the house so it will be empty except for the contractors for maybe 6-8 weeks (convenient while the parking lot is being built).

    2. P.S. I figure I’m my own best client this year by saving myself $400/month 😉

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