9 Days to Go

Things that got done today
I attended my horseback riding lesson. It’s probably the only thing that keeps me sane. It is important to find some tranquility in the chaos of moving.

The old house has a garage and the new house does not. We searched the online classified ads and found one in the local area. We went to see it but the seller said he can’t sell it until 2 weeks AFTER we need it. We will probably have to buy and build our own shed.

I printed up business cards with our new address. It is much easier to hand someone the card with the correct spelling of the street and correct postal code. Over the next two weeks I’ll be dropping them off at the doctor’s office, dental clinics, orthodontist, etc.

I scrubbed out the dishwasher. Every few months — and definitely before a move — it is beneficial to take an old toothbrush and clean the crud from around the door of the dishwasher and around the little nooks and crannies. When finished, I dumped a litre of vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and ran a rinse only cycle. If this was a long-distance move and the dishwasher would be on the truck for a few days, I’d do this procedure a day or so before loading the dishwasher on the truck. I would let the inside of the dishwasher dry out then dump some baking soda in the bottom. On arrival at the new house, I’d run a quick rinse cycle to clean out the baking soda and freshen the dishwasher.

The children sorted through all their toys, books and clothes. We piled all of the stuff that no longer fits or is needed. All of the clothes and toys are in a pile in one corner of the basement to be donated. We dropped the books off for donation at the local library this morning.

The children “binned” all the toys they are keeping. Because we move so often, each group of toys has its own labelled Rubbermaid bin. All of the dolls, their clothes, accessories and furniture, get put in one bin. This makes it easy to find all the doll stuff as soon as we move in to the new house. The Lego has its own bin too!

I picked up a few groceries too but only the absolute essentials. We’ve got to have the fridge and freezer empty before they go on the truck. This evening I’ll be planning meals for the next few days in order to use up all the food we’ve got. If I’d have known we were moving I wouldn’t have purchased the 2 dozen cans of frozen orange juice that were on sale last week!

I processed the normal weekend laundry. I want to get all the clothes done today. Later this week there will be lots more to wash — sheets, blankets, towels and curtains!

The one thing I don’t do when we’re preparing to move is clean the house. I clean stuff in the house (appliances and furniture) but I don’t dust baseboards or clean windows. It is so much easier to do all of that when the house is empty!

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