7 Days to Go

Things that got done today

The kids put all their toys in their bedrooms. Our new house doesn’t have a “family room” but the bedrooms are bigger so the kids can play in their bedrooms. If we want stuff to be unpacked in a certain area, it needs to be packed in a certain area. We also did a tour of the house and “put stuff back” meaning we put stuff where we want it unpacked in our new house.

I changed our address with the car and house insurance company. I keep it simple by only having one insurance provider. We also get a bit of a discount on premiums.

The provincial government (Ontario) has a quick and easy online address change service for all provincial government offices (health cards, vehicle license & registration and drivers’ license). It only works if you’re moving within the province and it is really easy! It took me about 5 minutes to change all of my information as well as the children’s health cards.

I also did numerous address changes with our loyalty programs (Airmiles, store programs) and some of our magazine subscriptions. It is quick and easy when it is online. I’ve saved the websites to my bookmarks and the subscription numbers and login and usernames to a spreadsheet on my computer. I’ll be ready for the next time!

We also started changing all the CFL bulbs back to the incandescent light bulbs that were in the fixtures when we arrived. The first time we moved after CFL bulbs were introduced, I waited until the last minute to change the light bulbs back but the moves had packed all of the incandescent light bulbs. CFL bulbs are expensive and I want to take them with me. This also allows me time to clean all the light fixtures – something that must be done before the “march out” procedure.

Curious as to what a “march out” is? When you move into a military home, you “march in” through the house with a Base housing inspector and note any problems with the house. Before you vacate the house you must “march out” with a Base housing inspector to ensure that the house is as good as when you moved in. Normal wear and tear is expected but you still have to clean the crayons off the walls!

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