5 Days to Go

Things that got done today

I had my riding lesson and purchased a minimal amount of groceries, just to get us through until Monday.

The moving company sent their representative to do the estimate. She toured the house and prepared a list of how many boxes would be required to do the move. She also informed me of the list of items that the moving company will not pack. These items include:

  • liquids
  • corrosives
  • batteries
  • explosives
  • flammables
  • alcohols
  • compressed gases
  • live houseplants

We have 3 glass jars of salsa, 2 bottles of wine, a can of WD-40, liquid laundry detergent, shampoo etc. that we’ll have to transport ourselves. If we had more warning about this move, or if it had been a longer distance, I would have made more effort to get reduce the amount of these items. However, we are lucky we can make several trips with our own car.

Now we return to our regularly scheduled program of laundry and dinner preparations.

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