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What the moving companies won’t take


As we are in the middle of posting season, I thought would be good to share info about working with a professional moving company. You can find the two parts over on Unclutterer.

Moving: Working with a professional moving company

Moving: Working with a professional moving company, part two

Go over, take a look, add your comments.

Thanks folks!

  1. Mrs. C permalink
    2012-07-01 19:12

    Thanks for the extensive list..I was wondering if you still remembered!
    This is so helpful. Sadly, there is tons I have to dispose of, in a very short amount of time! I would certainly have to make sure to purchase these items in small amounts in the future, I got into the couponing habit while living in the US.
    Do you think since my things will already be packed away in storage, that they’re going to have to unpack and repack everything themselves?

    • Mrs. C permalink
      2012-07-01 21:41

      i’ve got one other question for ya!
      how strict are they about enforcing the “no batteries” rule? I’m trying to pack my kids toys, do I have to open up every single toy and take out the batteries? some of them are obviously battery operated but I can’t find anywhere to open them! 😀

      • Canadian Army Wife permalink
        2012-07-01 22:20

        About the no batteries rule – some moving companies are stricter than others. There are inconsistencies in packers from the same company. In one move I had a packer remove all the batteries from the TV/VCR remotes yet the packer who did the toy room left all the batteries in the toys.
        The thing about batteries is that if the weather is extreme (too hot or too cold) the batteries may leak and damage the toy (or remote control).
        If you’re having trouble locating the batteries in certain toys, try Googling the toy with “battery replacement” and see if you can locate a picture to show you how to remove the batteries.

    • Canadian Army Wife permalink
      2012-07-01 22:23

      I did remember. It was just a matter of having enough free time to post the list.

      If you’ve got stuff packed and there may be dangerous goods within those boxes, then the moving company may repack them. If they don’t repack them, they may label the boxes “client packed” and limit any insurance claims you can make.

      You may decide to repack boxes that contain dangerous goods (flammables, corrosives etc). Good luck.

      • 2012-07-27 19:01

        Thank you so much for all the info you have provided!
        I could not find any info on moving cars. Our car is currently dying on us and we were going to buy a new car here instead of getting the old one fixed now and buying new later. Does the moving company arrange for your vehicle to be moved as well? Or do they expect you to drive it to your destination, which is quite far in our case. I wasn’t sure if maybe they would cut costs by having you drive your own car over rather than paying for flights plus car freight. Thanks!

      • Canadian Army Wife permalink
        2012-07-27 22:48

        Having the moving company move your car is possible but I’m really not sure of the circumstances. Your Brookfield consultant will be able to provide you with the best information concerning your particular situation. Good luck and check back with us and let us know what they were able to do for you.

  2. 2012-07-29 12:01

    I have an online music teaching company that is targeting moving military families as a way to keep consistent professional online lessons while they relocate across North America and the world. Where would you send me if I wanted to expose myself to this audience? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    If you care to see what I do:

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