Angry with the Chain of Command

You know the chain of command – the one that won’t let your husband have that one special day off? The one that is sending your husband on another exercise or training course so he’ll miss another birthday or Valentine’s Day?

You’re probably REALLY angry at the chain of command right now — so angry that you’re going to write an email to your husband’s Commanding Officer. An email that will tell him/her exactly how you feel and exactly how the military should be managed.

Here is some advice on writing that email – DON’T

Your husband will get called to his superior’s office where he stands at attention while he is disciplined by Commanding Officer.

Do you want to be the one responsible for your husband being disciplined at work?

No, I didn’t think so.

I understand that the military can be particularly frustrating sometimes. There are many inconveniences, missed birthdays and missed holidays. There is only one thing a military spouse can do about it — suck it up.

Yes, I’m sorry to say, we’re the ones who have to deal with it. Hubby away on Valentine’s Day? Celebrate your marriage on another day.

Remember, sending a nasty-gram only gets people angry at YOU. Going around your husband to his superior officer gets his boss angry at him. Nobody likes angry.

Have you had any experience with this situation? Share it with other readers.

3 thoughts on “Angry with the Chain of Command

  1. I would never do that, it seems funny to me someone would be immature enough to take their disappointment that far …
    Out of curiousity though, is there really any situation where it would ever be considered appropriate to reach out or send an email?

    1. Believe it or not I’ve seen more instances of this over the years than I care to report. I call it unprofessional behaviour.

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