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  1. I think relocation is a given in the military… and if people don’t like it, perhaps they should find a different career? So I guess the same goes for the spouses… if you don’t like it, don’t marry into it.
    Personally, I loved moving around as a child and being exposed to all kinds of different environments and people. I feel sorry for my friends who have lived their ENTIRE LIVES in the same place. Seems pretty boring to me.

    1. I think some people don’t realize how they will handle living in a different place far from home until they actually do it. For some, it is much more difficult than they imagined. That being said, there are services available to help military members and their families cope with stress.

  2. I’m with my partner because I love him. The bonus for me is the moving. It’s like a big adventure.

    1. Great outlook Abbie! Moving is stressful so I wouldn’t call that a “bonus” but living in a new city/province/country certainly is!

  3. I’m a military wife and service member. We have moved frequently and have done so without complaint. However, we were posted to a city with inflated housing prices, no pmq availability and a 1 percent vacancy rate. (Edmonton 2007). At that time, we asked to have our posting reconsidered because we could not find housing to rent for our family. We were denied. We ended up buying a home because we had no choice. It was nothing special out of the city and we lost 80,000 when we were posted out.

    I think it’s easy to say you choose to buy/rent or look at soldiers losing money on homes as idiots for buying until your placed in that situation. Or use the typical “you know what you signed up for”. However, I signed up to serve my country, I accept that I have to move, no one in their right mind agrees to lose thousands of dollars on a move!

    If the military does not want to reimburse losses on homes due to the economy then they need to ensure there is accommodations available to rent. They completely failed soldiers posted to Edmonton in 2007!

    1. I’m sorry that the military failed members posted to Edmonton in 2007. I imagine that you are not the only family in this situation. I still think that moves and allowances need to be taken on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Drivers licenses and health cards. Its such a pain having to switch these over from province to province and its costly too! An exception for families posted only for a year or less could be super helpful. Maybe we can just keep our last set until we are at a permanent post? Maybe something could be added like they add on the organ donor option. It could be a ‘moving military’ option.

    1. I agree! If you keep your receipts for changing over your drivers’ licenses, vehicle registrations and health cards, you can submit them with your moving claim.

      Ontario and Quebec (probably other provinces too) allow people to change their address on all provincially issued documents at one time but only if they are moving WITHIN the province.

      I believe we need a national registry whereby one can change addresses as long as one stays within the country. Health cards for military families should be nationally issued and honoured in whatever province the family lives.

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