Children of CF born abroad may not be Canadian?

There are many things about military life that are difficult to deal with but having children shouldn’t be one of them.

I was reading this story in the Ottawa Citizen about military family who wishes to adopt a child from a foreign country, in this case Haiti.

Because both he and she were born to Canadian parents but OUTSIDE of Canada (Canadian Forces Base in Lahr, Germany) they are not fully Canadian citizens and therefore are having a great deal of difficulty adopting a child from a foreign country.

I don’t pretend to understand the Citizen Act or Immigration but I do understand that children of members of the Canadian Forces, regardless of where they are born, should have full Canadian citizenship.

Read the full story and let me know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Children of CF born abroad may not be Canadian?

  1. I think it’s outrageous. The couple were born and raised in the Canadian military and chose to serve themselves once they were old enough. The child is far too young to pose a threat to anyone, so what is the problem?

    I do understand the need to clamp down on “Canadians of convenience,” having worked with someone who came here from Hong Kong just long enough to become a citizen before returning to Hong Kong – he just wanted to establish a safety net in case things got ugly after Hong Kong was transferred back to China from the UK. But this is a different scenario entirely.

  2. My daughter, Kristi, was born in Lahr, Germany. I was (am) Canadian, and her dad was British. Six months after her birth he obtained his Canadian citizenship. At the time a baby took the father’s citizenship, so Kristi was British. She had to have a visa to enter Canada.

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