Weird Things in England

The windows have no screens. Bugs fly in. They have mosquitoes here but they’re pretty lame-ass compared to the bird-sized, blood-sucking mosquitoes in Canada.

The water pipes are all outside, attached to the house – incoming & outgoing water. Toilets & bathtubs empty into sewers that are underground.

This photo looks into our laundry room.

view into laundry room
View into Laundry Room

The white pipe is the drain from my washing machine & laundry tub. It empties into the same drain as the downspout from the roof. The blackish steel pipe above that is the water main coming into our house.

It’s no wonder that when the temperature drops below zero they all freak out. Nothing is designed for below freezing.

Wild Life

  • They don’t have any skunks here. The closest relative to a skunk is a badger. Badgers are ALL OVER the place and they spread tuberculosis to cattle. A lot of cattle farmers want the badger cull to proceed. Animal rights activists don’t. The two groups argue a a lot.
  • They have @$$h01€ squirrels here. Magpies, pigeons & mourning doves are aplenty and I consider them avian squirrels to be equally hated.
  • Hedgehogs end up as roadkill which is sad because they are really quite cute.
  • England has 3 species of snakes and one of them is venomous (adder).
  • Rabies is almost non-existent.

Raspberries and blackberries grow all over the place in our area and the season is rather long. We picked berries from August until almost October.

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  1. Yuck about the pipes!! I remember hearing on the CBC a few months ago about a horrible sludge that was coming back up the pipes and into homes in London.

    That is really something about the badgers!!!

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