The Lemon Juice Dilemma

In Canada I always had a bottle lemon juice in the fridge. My favourite was the 75omL (25oz) bottle of ReaLemon lemon juice. I use lemon juice for making sauces for fish and chicken, making salad dressing, lemonade and iced tea. Some people say that bottled lemon juice isn’t as good as freshly squeezed juice but I don’t notice a difference.

When we arrived in England and I did my first trip to the grocery store to stock the fridge, I wanted to buy a bottle of lemon juice. I couldn’t find any. I looked in the juice aisle figuring that, since it was juice, made from a fruit, it might be there. It was not. I looked in the condiments aisle figuring that since people put it on their “fish & chips” it would be with the ketchup and mustard. It was not there either. So I gave up looking and bought fresh lemons.

Then, lo and behold, the other day while shopping for ready-made cake icing, I found the bottled lemon juice – in the BAKERY section. Because everybody knows the reason you use bottled lemon juice is to make lemon cake.

I bought the largest bottle they had, 250mL (8oz).

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