Retirement Postings & Mr. Leslie

The military likes to post soon-to-be-retired members in the area in which they wish to retire. This allows the member to become settled in his/her new neighbourhood. However, not all military members can be posted to their preferred place of retirement. For example, a naval engineer may wish to retire near his/her adult children in Saskatoon. There are no jobs for a naval engineer in Saskatoon. Therefore, his/her final posting may be to Victoria then on retirement, the military would pay for his/her retirement move to Saskatoon.

Our family is not yet at the retirement stage yet but we have discussed in what city/town we would like to retire.

During our final posting we would make the decision on whether or not we would stay in that city, in that neighbourhood, or whether we would make our final home somewhere else. Factors to consider in our retirement will include:

  • Employment: Will either of us choose second careers? If so, what and where?
  • Children: Where will our kids be attending school? Where will they settle down?
  • Extended Family: Will we need to be care-givers to our parents or other relatives?
  • Travel: Do we need to be near airports/train lines to meet family or other obligations? Will we become world travellers?
  • Finances: What can we afford in terms of housing? What is the cost of living in the area we wish to retire? Could we easily resell our house if we decided to move?
  • Leisure: Does the area we wish to retire offer leisure activities to suit us?
  • Health: Does the area have sufficient health services for our needs as we age?
  • Aging: Does the area have sufficient long-term care facilities should we require that?
  • Culture: Can we create a community of friends, colleagues in our new area? Will we be accepted there?

The media is all up in arms right now because LGen.(ret’d) Leslie moved within the same city on his retirement posting. I’ve met Mr. Leslie briefly a couple of times at military functions. He is a smart, level-headed guy. I’m sure that he and his family discussed all of the points above (and maybe more) prior to their decision to stay in Ottawa. Why would they move within the same city? Mr. Leslie states they were moving to a small home which is eminently reasonable. Many people downsize on retirement. As well, he would no longer need an (almost) entire room in his home to store his military gear. (Yes, it really does take up that much space!)

Mr. Leslie was ENTITLED to this move. Just as all military members are entitled to their retirement moves. After going through 8 military moves myself, I can assure readers that it is almost impossible to cheat the system. In some ways it is difficult to even know what benefits you are entitled to claim! It is almost impossible for the member to know how much was actually spent on the move. In the 8 moves we’ve done, I have no idea how much was paid out to the moving companies that packed, loaded and transported our HG&E.

I will tell this to all my readers: If you think the system of moving military members is broken, the best person to fix it is someone who has LIVED IT.

Note to Mr. Leslie:
In 2011 the military moved us a total distance of 3km, from one PMQ to another. It was a full-service move for our family of four and 5000kg of HG&E. The media didn’t seem to care what it cost…but then again we’re not in politics.

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  1. The above post should be sent (in a letter) to newspapers and media outlets across the country.

  2. As per Relocation Directive APS 2012/2013 Chapter 14.3.03 the entitlement is for moves over a 40 km radius. Please verify your remarks before making assumptions!

    1. If you carefully read Chapter 14 of the Relocation Directive for 2012/2013, you will note that certain entitlements would not apply to Mr. Leslie.
      14.3.03 HHT/DIT: CF members under this chapter are entitled to reimbursement of HHT/DIT; IPR location is in excess of 40 km from CF members’ current place of residence.
      14.3.05 Home Equity Assistance (HEA) for local move: CF members who elect and move to their IPR locally are entitled to receive HEA, only if the IPR is in excess of 40 km from the place of residence.

      However, as Mr. Leslie has over 10 years of continuous service he would be eligible for all of the entitlements listed in 14.3.08 Benefits – 10 years of service or more as per the criteria table:
      • Administrative fees and/or mortgage disbursement fees as per applicable provincial laws
      • Attending fees and power of attorney;
      • Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA);
      • Reverse Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (RTDRA); and
      • Long Term Storage (LTS).
      These would be funded out of his customized and personalized funding envelopes.

      If the assumptions to which you are referring, are related to the move our family did in 2011, please be advised that our move was NOT due to a posting so the Relocation Directive did not apply.

  3. Hi Jacki,

    So nice to hear from you. Oh the joys of politics – whether in government, organizations or life in general. Ottawa is a fish bowl for both municipal and federal governments.

    This article was in our Ottawa paper today. I am aligned with your comments & this article. Growing up in an RCMP family also brings a lived perspective.

    How is your family enjoying this new posting? I enjoy your post updates.

    I will let you know about the potential residential organizing project by the end of February – is this timing adequate? May I assume this client is not chronically disorganized but needs to be set up in new home efficiently.

    Bye for now,


    Robynne Potts, B. Comm.

    Organizational Consultant l 613.862.1262 l


    Join me…

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  4. I believe that this issue requires much more information/education then the media is providing. It is very easy for a civilian, who may not be aware of our entitlements, to quickly jump and shout foul. With all the negative attention the military has been receiving lately, especially in regards to the 2014 budget cuts, I am quite concerned that the population is going to see this and demand change not knowing the facts. I am concerned that once again it will be the guys at the bottom who will feel any and all cuts first. There have been many stories lately of military families across Canada not making ends meet, specifically Borden & Cold Lake. How can the population take these complaints seriously and stand with us for change when the next week they are hearing about $70,000 moves? I agree that this move was well within the rules and regulations and I am in no way saying that it shouldn’t have happened I just fear that this will only help to further the divide.

    1. I agree with you Chris! The media seem to be ill-informed about what we go through as a military family, the sacrifices we make and the benefits we receive. There are many stories of CF members not being able to make ends meet, not just at the Bases you’ve mentioned. Financial planning and management is not easy when you’re moving from one area of the country to another!

      As far as I’m concerned, this issue was blown out of the water because Mr. Leslie is a consultant to the Liberal party and their convention is coming up very soon.

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