Things I Like About England

Grocery Delivery
Most major grocery store chains provide home delivery service. Logon to the store’s website, click on the products you want to add to your shopping cart, select a delivery period and check out. Often you can get everything you need within 24 hours.
Most stores have a minimum order amount (around £25) and if you buy a monthly deliver pass (£10/month), all deliveries for the month are free if you buy over £40. With a physically fit husband and two teens in the house, it is pretty easy to buy £40 of groceries per order.
At first I was worried about the quality of the fresh produce that would be sent but I watched the “personal shoppers” in the store one day and found that they were as selective as me. Now I exclusively buy groceries online.

At first it was nerve-wracking driving a right-hand drive car on the left-hand side of the road but now that I’m comfortable with it, I’ve noticed something great. People here drive better than most Canadians. They “merge like a zipper” on the highways. They move back to the slow lane when they are done passing a vehicle. They drive at reasonable speeds (130kph on highways) and generally respect the speed limits where they are posted. They are courteous and respectful.

I commute to my part-time job on my bike. It is a 7km round-trip. I can cycle almost all year round. There are some days when it is raining too hard for me ride my bike though. Motorists are respectful of cyclists. They will wait behind me and go around when it is clear and I don’t get crowded into the ditch.

School Uniforms
Both children wearing school uniforms has simplified many things. The kids find it so much easier to get ready for school in the morning because they know what they have to wear. Back-to-school shopping is easy. We just go to the uniform store and pick up what we need from the list. Laundry easier to do and there is less of it.

What do you like most about where you live?

2 thoughts on “Things I Like About England

  1. As a starting point:

    Diversity of the population in race, religion, sexual orientation (not closeted), etc.

    Independent stores: In my small town, I can shop at a grocery store (part of a small local chain) that specializes in local and organic products; five independent bookstores, etc. I can eat at numerous (and wonderful) local one-of-a-kind restaurants.

    Environmental awareness: Many people hear are conscientious recyclers, and try to make good environmental choices.

    The beauty of the place — with the ocean, mountains, fog, etc.

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