After 1 year in England

One year ago today we moved to England. So much has happened since then. It seems like “ages ago” and “not long ago” at the same time.

The children have settled into school and made friends. They were reluctant to leave Canada but they have come to realize that moving was a great choice for them. They have visited Germany and Switzerland, and one has also been to Spain. These are not opportunities they would have living in Canada.

My husband has a great job. He gets to work with military members from several NATO nations. Each person has a unique perspective to bring to the tasks and while it may take a little longer to reach the end goal, the results are stronger and more robust.

I’ve got a great job. It’s part-time so I get to be with the children both before and after school. The team I work with is super supportive, I’m learning so much and the clients I get to interact with bring joy to my day. I’m even earning more than when I owned my own business!

I’m grateful we’re here!

3 thoughts on “After 1 year in England

  1. We miss you, but if you hadn’t gone, I would not have had the opportunity to travel to England. Plus, Face Time means we’re together almost every day!!!

  2. Hi Jacki,
    You sound happy. Kudos for balancing a part-time job and involvement with the kids pre and post school. I chose to do that when our children were in school as well – part-time as an employee. A progressive employer and effective manager are key to making that arrangement successful.

    Your description of husband’s role speaks to leadership. Collaboration and involvement does take more time but I believe worth it. Everyone has something to contribute and to learn.

    Wishing you and your family continued happiness and adventure.

    Robynne Potts, B. Comm.

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