Movie Review: Kilo Two Bravo

Visceral. Highly-charged. Intense. Emotional. Compelling. Dramatic. Graphic. And very real.

Kilo Two Bravo is a true story about a group of British soldiers who were stationed at the Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan in 2006. A three-man patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock. In a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, one of the patrol detonates a land mine, blowing off his leg. His fellow soldiers come to his aid, only to find themselves trapped in an unmarked minefield, a relic of the Russian invasion of the 1980s. With no way out, any movement risks certain injury and possible death. Out of this harrowing day came extraordinary tales of bravery, selflessness and heroism, but also tragic consequences, for leader Corporal Mark Wright and his comrades, who risked their own lives to help each other.

Kilo Two Bravo is a documentary. If you’d like to immerse yourself in a compelling story, and become strongly attached to some characters and sit on the edge of your seat for a couple of hours, this is a film for you. iTunes places this movie in the thriller category and indeed it belongs in there. It is tense and full of suspense. It’s a true story with a disturbing content, very strong language and bloody injury details.

This is an amazing movie. I loved the scenery. Although filmed in Jordan, I’m quite sure it was representative of the scenery in the Kajaki district of Afghanistan. The filming is so vivid I felt like I was really there – right down to wishing I had a fly swatter to hit the flies buzzing in the dust. The acting is top-notch as is the directing and cinematography.

It deserves its 100% rating!!

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