The Move Within a Move

rideau canal
View Along Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada

Earlier this month I went back to Canada for a week. The main purpose of my visit was to assist with a move – and not my own!

My parents are downsizing later this year. They had quite a bit of furniture to get rid of. Fortunately, our son was moving from university residence to an apartment and was in need of furniture. I flew into Kingston, packed up a moving van and drove to Ottawa where my son lives.

I spent a few days with my son cleaning and setting up his new apartment. It was nice to visit his university and meet a few of his friends. I’m also glad I got to see where he will be living for the next few years while attending university.

Some people have asked if our son is returning to England to move to Texas with us. In truth, he needs job experience. If he returned to England, he would be here less than 8 weeks. That’s hardly enough time to find a job and then who would hire him for 8 weeks? Then, there’s the move to the United States in the middle of the summer. He would have to live there about 3 weeks before he could get a social security number and be eligible to work and by that time he would have to go back to school. If he did manage to get a job in both the UK and the U.S., he would end up paying income tax in three countries!

No. Job experience and, as he likes to put it, “adulting” is better for him at this time even though we’ll miss him very much.

While I was in Canada, I took advantage of the time to do some banking and manage some investments.

There are several types of investments that the United States Internal Revenue Service will have their eye on if a Canadian takes up residence and starts working in the U.S. I am not an expert on what those investments are, but I do trust my investment advisor. So, while I was in Canada, I visited my financial institutions and adjusted my investments so they would be compatible with our residency in the United States. The process involved reading a lot of paperwork and signing my name frequently.

Now that I’m back in the UK, I’ve got to refocus on our move to the U.S.

3 thoughts on “The Move Within a Move

  1. Hi there,

    Nice to hear you enjoyed Ottawa and visiting Carleton’s campus. It is truly a beautiful city – my home since high school.

    What is your son studying? Our daughter graduated from Carleton from the Engineering Co-op Program -“ Dean€™’s Honor List I might add. Says the proud parent.

    Yes – where would we be if we didn’t trust our financial advisors – some clients struggle with financial management. Complex emotional issues of control, avoidance, guilt, shame, etc. present.

    If you find yourself back in Ottawa, perhaps you’d like to grab a coffee?

    Take care, take action!


  2. What type of investments were not compatible with US residency?

    1. There were parts of some of my mutual fund “blend” that the financial advisor flagged as ineligible for U.S. residents – assuming that I earn income (i.e. get a job) in the U.S. I really would like to work since I’ve got one kid in university and another on the way there!

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