On return from the HHT

Relocation Flowchart

Since we returned from our house-hunting trip (HHT) the workload has increased.

We had a telephone meeting (using Skype) with our relocation advisor to obtain information on how to claim expenses from our house-hunting trip (i.e. reimbursement for hotel, rental car, meals, etc.) We need to mail all of our original receipts to Canada. However, first I scanned all of the receipts so I have a copy in case they go missing.

After the meeting with the relocation advisor we made a formal request to move our household goods and effects (HG&E). There was also additional paperwork to be filled out so that our HG&E can pass through US Customs. Fortunately, we are not transporting a vehicle, food, alcohol (wine/spirits), tobacco, endangered flora or fauna so that makes the process a little easier.

Our move cannot progress any further until we obtain our U.S. visas. We should have the visas within the week or so. Take a look at the flow chart to see where we are in the process (green = completed, yellow = pending).

Here are some of the things we have managed to do in the meantime.

  • While we were on our HHT, we booked our hotel for when we arrive.
  • We have booked our hotel here for the few days after our HG&E has been shipped but before we are able to leave.
  • We have arranged for all of our household appliances and a number of other items to be handed over to the new Canadian family moving in. This is a win-win situation, as they don’t have to worry about buying appliances when they arrive.
  • The uncluttering, organizing and household inventory continues.
  • we are listing things for sale that we are unable to take with us.

Things are slowly coming together!

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